Introducing 'JP'

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Introducing 'JP', an Unsigned British Asian artist, he is starting this New Year to make a mark with his 2nd single, Green Light.


Having the success from his first single 'Sunshine' and acting as Dexter in the popular YouTube comedy "Diary Of A Badman", JP is already loved by his fans and supported by artists within the industry. He has performed at Melas in 2010 and toured with the Diary of a Badman Crew, in which was a huge success for JP to be recognised as an artist.

Green Light is set to release on 18th of January on iTunes and YouTube with a special appearance by the YouTube phenomenon Humza Arshad and the Badman crew. Green Light is a Pop song was co-written with Zack Knight (formally known as Zee Kay) and produced by 'IGrade The Great' in which together will work on JP's album in the future.

Even though JP's first two singles have a pop style, he is determined to shock the industry with fresh Rnb tracks to be released later in the year. JP will also be collaborating with other artists this year to bring Rnb and Punjabi/Hindi vocals together as one to make unique songs to show his fans and the industry his vocal range and talent of his musical mind.

Born and raised in the same town as the worldwide superstar 'Jay Sean', JP is determined to show the scene that Hounslow has more to offer. As singing from a young age and participating in numerous talents contests such as 'X Factor' and 'Britasia Superstar', JP has a growing hunger to show the world his passion to entertain and make people smile with his talents.