Introducing Groundshaker UK

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Groundshaker UK are truly at the cutting edge of 21st Century with World Class technology, Get Ready as you are about to witness a revolution in the Mobile Entertainment Industry.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you, Groundshaker UK......The UKs number one award-winning mobile discotheque brand.

Groundshaker UK are truly at the cutting edge of 21st Century World Class technology, bringing you the UK's first RGG LED Video Flooring system, the UKs largest flexible LED video curtain, DnB Audio world class sound system, 8 milliwatt laser shows , Breathtaking light shows and not forgetting our collection of fine automobiles. And if all thats not enough, for the first time ever, why not hire our incredible LED dancing Robot.

Our unique and breathtaking roadshows are guaranteed to give your event an exclusive and sophisticated celebrity atmosphere. Whether is be A Concert or wedding or your business corporate event we have it all under 1 roof - From theming, luxury Car Hire, Advanced Lighting and Spectacular decor, each show is specifically designed to the clients individual requirements.

Groundshaker UK is a Nationwide trusted quality  Brand who recently took part in a 2 week long short film where the BBC followed each and every step of production of 2011s UKs Largest Asian Wedding,  and worked with SKY SPORTS to design and put together a Breathtaking ring walk for the undisputed Boxing world champion AMIR KHAN (View video below). Now we want to join forces with you... Let us bring our experience and expertise to your event...Book only the best for your event

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