Introducing Mr Paradise

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Mister Paradise, real name Yasser was born and raised in Paris, France. He is a fresh talented singer and songwriter ready to make his mark in the music industry bringing a young and fresh Voice and Lyrics. Listen to his much awaited single « Dhol Wajda » Featuring Kody Criminel, a French Rapper.

Music became his passion from an early age and was inspired by Hindi songs that he discovered through Bollywood movies. Some years later, when he was 14, he discovered another style of music through Asian British channels and more precisely on internet: the Panjabi, Bhangra music!

Then he developed an interest in Asian music and particularly in bhangra music (desi bhangra music) which inspired him to become a bhangra artist. He is inspired by great Artists such as Lehmber Hussainpuri, Sardool Sikander, and Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

His vocal abilities and talent for writing lyrics were recognised by his friends who encouraged and motivated him to sing professionally in a studio. Then, with their support he released his two singles

Akyein and Tera Nakra (in 2010) and got a huge appreciation from the public all over France and Belgium. He has also done live performances in Belgium and he performed for various shows with the biggest names of the Bhangra music Industry such as Imran Khan, H Dhami.

He already created a global buzz in France and Belgium with his debut singles which have been highly acclaimed there. And now he’s ready to release his much awaited single « Dhol Wajda » Featuring Kody Criminel, a French Rapper.

{audio}/media/Music/Sept11/MrParadise-DholWajda.mp3{/audio} Check out the promo now!