Nirmal Sidhu Vocal Training Academy

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The Nirmal Sidhu Music academy is holding open Auditions for a unique opportunity to be professionally trained as a vocalist. The academy is lead by world renown classical Vocalist Nirmal Sidhu. Nirmal has dedicated his whole life to music. Studying to become a Master of Arts in Music at the Pracheen kala kander University.

This programme is open to all people from already trained to aspiring vocalists. The candidate must have a passion for sangeet & will start the programme by taking training in Classical, light classical & folk singing. Each individual will be auctioned to assess if this music programme is suited to them. Not every candidate will be suitable for this programme. The programme is like no other as its path of learning is determined by the individual.

Not every student will be or wanting to be a bhangra singing & that is why this programme’s syllabus is tailored around the individual. Individuals can go on to becoming shastrya sangeet(classical), shabad(bhajan), Ghazal, Qwali, Geet, & Punjabi Folk Sangeet singers.
Audition fees - £ 10


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BIRMINGHAM – Thursday 8th September
Hockley Street Studios
105 Hockley Street
B19 3DL

Time – 12-2pm & 6-8pm

LONDON – 9th sept
Pa Pa Joes Studio
Unit 30, Merrick Road,
Southall, Middlesex

Time – 12-2pm & 6-8pm


Please note the details provided are for Auditions not lessons.

Also note that you must ring to make an appointment to be given a time slot for when you are to attend. Those candidates that arrive without registering their interest and making an appointment will have to wait till end of the session to be seen.

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