‘Living for today, creating positive memories for tomorrow’

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Richard House the oldest Children's Hospice, based in Newham, east London, provides care and support for life-limited children and children with complex healthcare conditions and their families from across east and north east London.

We accompany them during the child or young person’s journey through life to death, creating positive experiences along the way which become good memories for the future.  You could help make a difference…want to know how?

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1 million seconds to be free
1 million seconds to be normal
1 million seconds to enjoy at Richard House
1 million reasons to give
Harry’s million – for the freedom they deserve

On average a child or young person stays at Richard House for two weeks over the course of a year, or over 1 million seconds. These 1 million seconds are precious and make a real, positive impact to their lives.

Support Harry’s Million and help Harry raise £1 million for life-limited children to have the freedom they deserve – together we can raise that million!

Follow what Harry is up to in his quest, and help him raise £1 million.

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