Khalsa Revolution VOL-3 Out Soon

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KhalsaForce alongside KDSDJ are proud to present the much anticipated release of Khalsa Revolution VOL-3. A collection of dhadis and unique lyrical pieces have been compiled to spark inspiration in the mind of any listener.

The aim of this piece is to reach out to the Sikhs of today, to fire the flame that Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhinderanwale had ignited in every man, woman and child’s heart. The fallen soldiers of the panth have started a legacy, which every Sikh needs to fulfil. This is to awaken the panth to the sounds of cries that are resonating in the land of Punjab today where thousands upon thousands are left in the memory of their broken homes. Atrocities in the past and present have bathed the land of Punjab in the blood of the shaheeds, which marks only the beginning of the Khalsa Revolution.

Album Feat. 15 track, Remixed By World Famous Dj's

Album Coming Out very soon!


0 #2 oye!!! 2012-11-14 21:50
Its been over a year . So, is it released or not . can't find it on itunes.
Mindy rakhra
0 #1 Mindy rakhra 2011-06-07 20:27
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