djheer Launch iPhone App

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In light of the ‘App craze’, releases the iPhone™ application that will enable users to engage in the ‘ experience’ and broaden their reach among Bhangra fans.

The iPhone App will bring the latest Bhangra news, album releases and updates, exclusive interviews, and videos directly to the fingertips of Bhangra followers worldwide. In addition, users will be able to navigate to view the latest videos via’s YouTube Channel.

“Given our fans’ addictive nature to discover and share new music, we wanted to make sure they had access to the hottest new music information instantaneously. The iPhone app presents a contemporary means for readers to stay in touch”.

The application will expedite in real time - updated content from the website, directly to iPhones, iPads, and iTouches. Users will enjoy one of the richest, unique application experiences available at the App store, including new, innovative content and features. The application is available for 0.69p at the iPhone App store and is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iTouches.

Notable features include:

Simple navigation – read articles and view videos and slideshows with ease using the applications sophisticated navigation capabilities and cutting-edge multi-touch screen

Offline reading – download and sync articles and images to the device for viewing offline or in airplane mode

Share options – e-mail articles and content to friends from the app

View video highlights and get connected immediately with the latest and greatest of Asian Music

Get a closer look at artists with exclusive promotions and interviews, including personal views and information and browse an extensive Video Library

Go “Backstage” to experience the energy and ambiance of Asian Music and various photo montages accompanied by audio clips captured from behind the scenes

“Our goal was to put the engaging content and lifestyle of Simply Bhangra into the hands of our audience. The Simply Bhangra application provides us with a unique opportunity to showcase this amazing content in a rich, exciting and user-friendly way. It strengthens our multi-channel capabilities and complements our existing website, making it even more convenient for our audience to enjoy the 'Simply Bhangra Experience’.”

iTunes is available in worldwide and provides the opportunity to bring the world of closer to the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch user.