Gig Review: Mumzy Stranger at Lahore Cafe Bar Bradford

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On Friday 13th May, Bradford’s Lahore Cafe Bar hosted an intimate live event headlined by Mumzy Stranger and featuring MC Mudz, Metz & Trix and Junai Kaden! was there to cover the limited-ticket occasion.

Right off the bat, it has to be noted that the event was poorly organized. Over an hour had passed before the first act (MC Mudz) arrived – which is permissible. However, it is not permissible to fill that time with one four-track CD on repeat. Nor is it permissible for the first act to have to stall so much that he is essentially forced to perform the same song three times.

Nonetheless, MC Mudz himself proved to be a pretty comfortable performer, having fun on the microphone with his local Bradford audience effortlessly. The single he performed, the catchy Nach Ke, was released at the tail end of last year. It features solid production from Tigerstyle and vocals from the talented and rather under-recognized Manjit Pappu. As an MC, though, Mudz still has a long way to go yet.

MC Mudz – Nach Ke (ft. Manjit Pappu):

Metz & Trix arrived late, as per the theme of the night, but delivered an engaging performance. The veteran duo easily and effectively elicited lively reactions from the small and intimate crowd. However, it does seem that Metz & Trix are resting on their laurels. Granted, crowds are eager to hear the likes of Aaja Mahi, but even Metz & Trix themselves remarked that the better part of their set was around a decade old. Moreover, the unique collaboration with Kenya based Punjabi entertainer Gupz Saund on the recently released track Kerre Velle which combines the hip hop flow of the Manchester based dynamic duo was definitely something the crowds enjoyed on the night!

RDB – Aaja Mahi (Ft. Metz & Trix): 

The anticipation for Mumzy’s arrival was palpable. The crowd excitedly and even jokingly cheered loudly for anyone who entered the room at that point. Mumzy himself was vivaciously welcomed with prolonged cheering and relentless camera flashes.

You would expect that Mumzy would’ve rightly thrust his protégé Junai Kaden centre stage. However, Junai only ever took to the microphone to perform two songs. While his debut single Aaja Mera Naal isn’t impressive and he evidently needs to develop his confidence as a performer greatly, Junai’s other track from the night is worthy of attention. It’s built on the rhythm of Barso Re from Bollywood hit Guru. This danceable number prompted more enthusiasm from the audience than the subpar Aaja Mere Naal and markedly carries more promise than its predecessor.

Junai Kaden – Aaja Mere Naal (Ft. Mumzy Stranger): 

Mumzy pleased the crowd with reliable, mainly bounce-along numbers like It Can Only Be Love and the Rishi Rich remix of One More Dance. Mumzy is a seasoned performer with wide experience in front large audiences, and that has clearly been invaluable to him. He worked the crowd naturally and ended the night on a much-needed relatively consistent high note.

Mumzy Stranger – It Can Only Be Love / City Guy

Overall, the event suffered from its bad organization, but was generally acceptable. While more could have been expected from Junai Kaden, Metz & Trix and Mumzy were both exactly as expected. The former were a fun live act, but inevitably felt dated. The latter was a satisfactory headliner. Thus the night can be summed up as underwhelming and with its flaws, but still enjoyable enough.

Lahore Cafe Bar served as a nice and hospitable venue, well-suited to a gig of this kind. So, keep an eye out for any forthcoming promising events hosted there!

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