Introducing Tumbi Beat Breaker

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Tumbi Beat Breaker is a young Punjabi Artist from India who loves fusing the Sounds of the tumbi with folk and western beats such as hip hop, house, dnb, electro , trance - you name it and he does it.

One must listen to his Sound Cloud Page and also tune into YOUTUBE Channel for Live Videos , the result is a musical journey you would not have been through before where east meets west . Manbinder Pal Singh , his real name and TBB as he is called in short is on a journey to create innovative music that spans all genres, breaking beats along the way and making them better!

Check out Americano we no speak americano - Yolanda - Live tumbi Video hitting over 24000 views , or NADIA ALI IS IT LOVE with hypnotic tumbi beats . he likes to experiment as is evident also from the classical tumbi where we hear totally different style of tumbi mix . In all you will see beats never heard before and sounds of Yamla Jatt tumbi blending mesmerisingly into various World Music genres. Its amazing to see great music and catchy beats and the tumbi videos and tracks speak themselves of the great talent he has in store.

One thing is for sure, this bro is very talented and is creating new waves with his music thats never been heard before.

Make sure you join TumbiBeatBreaker on Facebook and subscribe to YOUTUBE Channel for Live Videos .

TumbiBeatBreaker - Passion With PassionateTumbi ( Asian Mix Radio SparkyD) by TumbiBeatBreaker

BOUNCE BILLO With My Tumbi ( Dj Dev Feat Tumbi Beat Breaker ) by TumbiBeatBreaker

1. americano tumbi Live video - which got over 24000 views and appreciation from all across.

2. NADIA ALI remix with tumbi - this also got a very good response and few radios played it.

3. i do electro tumbi ( video )
passion with passionate tumbi - this asian mix radio guys played among my other songs.

4. XXX classical tumbi track - i exprimented with tumbi in classical style in this

5. This one I did for RANI TAJ ( famous dhol played ) - dedication

6.  punjabi Jatti on Fire with tumbi - Video

7. Belly Dance with My tumbi - Video

8. MYlo Drop the pressure - Live video with tumbi

9. IBN-E-BATUTA - bollywood tumbi mix

10. IMRAN KHAN - Bounce BILLO with Tumbi



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