Introducing Ahsan Bajwa

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Ahsan is about to release his track which is produced by Eren-E and will be released by Valley Records UK.  (Eren-E produced Imran Khan's album Unforgettable.)

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Ahsan quotes, "When I finished my high school, my interest in music developed a lot as I started listening to Bhangra pop music in particular. I wanted to take it seriously and that is why I started researching about the opportunities and technicalities in this field. I realised that I can express my thoughts and put them in beats".

For the last four years he has been writing and singing in Punjabi and Hindi. Recently having  recorded some songs and one of them was played on BBC Asian Network. The track was called “Yaar Lable” has also been on air on a Dutch radio station called “Fun-X”.

He further says, "I have recorded some songs in 2008 but I realized that the recording studios I went to back then were not up to the mark which makes it difficult for the starters to come up and show their talent. In 2010 I met Eren-E where I recorded the track “Sunnah-Emptiness”. We are still working on other tracks, in Hindi as well! Stay tuned!"

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0 #1 DJJ FAN :D 2011-05-22 15:45
LOVE this tune!! Valley Records keep bringin the talent!! First DJJ and now Ahsan! Cant wait 2 see huz next!

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