King G Mall - Christmas Aaya - Christmas is Here!

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The record-breaking drummer King G Mall is aiming for number one with the first Asian Christian Christmas song.  

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He says, ‘We celebrate Christmas every year.  We all celebrate it to some degree and I love bringing everyone together for a good cause’

‘Christmas Aaya’ – Christmas is Here – is sung in both English and Punjabi and is the first song with a video shot in four countries – the UK, Holland, Canada and India.  King G, also known as Gurcharan Mall, produced the single to raise money for the victims of the Pakistan floods.

‘The track is hardcore bhangra based on traditional Punjabi folk music but we include a banjo and you can’t help smiling and dancing!  When we were filming at London Bridge the tourists joined in and now they’re in the film, along with people from the streets of Leicester.’

King G Mall appears in the video as an Indian Father Christmas. He has twice featured in the Guinness Book of Records for the largest assembled gathering of dhol players (Punjabi drummers).  Earlier this year he released ‘Aao Ji,’ the first bhangra song to feature both Asian and non-Asian artists, which received massive online attention with over two hundred and fifty thousand hits.  

The artists performing ‘Christmas Aaya’ are from Canada, the UK, India, Holland and Pakistan. They include Naomi Zaman, Sahib Sekhon, Sana Parvez, Naeem John from Leicester and 12-year-old Londoner Nish.   

The single (CD and DVD) is released in the first week of December (2010) and on Friday December 17th the Curve, Leicester is holding a launch party hosted by Simon Ward from BBC East Midlands Today.  Entry is £5 and the night will feature a fashion show by Rain Entertainment, bhangra and Bollywood dancers by DN productions. The launch is supported by Curve and Pukaar News and will be attended by all Leicester faith leaders.

King G says, ‘People say, “What’s the crazy guy up to now?”  I’m aiming to bring together people of all cultures for a good cause and to celebrate Christmas as one!’

All profits from the single will go to help victims of the recent flooding in Pakistan via Life Skill Project International .



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is this G malls daughters dancing looks like a wracked project gone so so wrong LMAO

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