Shay and Sunny Grewal to present Breakfast Show!

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BBC Asian Network serves up new Weekend Breakfast Show

Shay and Sunny who found fame in Channel 4’s The Family are set to dish up an exciting new weekend breakfast show on the BBC Asian Network.

The husband and wife team will take up the reins of Weekend Breakfast (7am-9am) on Saturday 4 December. They follow in the footsteps of Tommy Sandhu and Noreen Khan who have moved on to present the Breakfast and Drivetime shows on the station.

The couple, who found fame as members of the Grewal family in the TV series, are newcomers to radio but the show promises to be a great two hours to wake-up to, with a lively mix of music and chat. As well as hearing the interesting and quirky stories from the morning papers, the show will see the couple airing their opinions in the feature ‘He Said, She Said’ – showing how a married couple can have different views on every subject, from movies and marriage to food and TV. Audiences will also hear their favourite tracks and the interesting stories behind them.

Shay says: “Sunny and I are very excited about Weekend Breakfast and bringing something unique to the BBC Asian Network – a married desi couple.”

Sunny adds: “It’s going to be the perfect start to the day, with the best music and chat and something for everyone! We’re looking forward to giving listeners the chance to get involved and talk to us.”

Husain Husaini, Head of Programmes, BBC Asian Network, says: "Since The Family, Sunny and Shay have been regular guests on the BBC Asian Network and have proven themselves to be engaging radio voices. They are well known to the audience from their amazing time on the TV programme and we now want them to take the next step and front this important weekend show. We hope the fans will enjoy it.”

Shay and Sunny are the latest additions to this year's new look schedule which has seen Sonia Deol return to the station to present the Mid-morning show, Tommy Sandhu move to Breakfast and Noreen Khan take over the Drivetime show.



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