Hard Kaur is showstopper at India International Jewellery Week

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India’s musical darling Hard Kaur made her catwalk debut at the prestigious India International Jewellery Week this week as Rajasthani based designer Birdichand Ghanshyamdas launched his latest collection ‘Adrishya’.  Several of India’s top models walked the ramp to showcase the exclusive launch of the new collection but it was the show stopper British rapper Hard Kaur ,who’s surprise appearance saw applause. Kaur graced the ramp in an imposing traditional Raani Haar with detailed gold and emerald double pendants, worn with intricate multi-stoned earrings and a gold cuff. 

Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas is one of Jaipur’s oldest jewellery brands, and their latest collection has been completely handmade ready in time for IIJW. ‘Adrishya’, the Sanskrit word for invisible, revealed the technique of hiding the gold and allowing the precious stones to be only visible.

Kaur says of the experience, “it was incredible to walk the ramp wearing the most beautiful jewellery. I absolutely love jewellery both fine and costume so it was an honour to be asked to be showstopper for Birdhichand. Walking the ramp was something new for me, but I’m up for new challenges. The audience were really great and there were even a few wolf whistles!”

Hard Kaur will also be walking the ramp for Danish International brand Jack & Jones at their annual new collection show in Delhi September 11th.

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