Introducing Shammi Pithia

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A SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES - Shammi Pithia talks about his début album – Audio Descriptive

Music is much more than the aural equivalent of wallpaper, which is something pretty, yet paper-thin, with no higher purpose than to cover the cracks in each day.

The right combination of melody, rhythm, tempo and voicing can instantly transport the listener to another place, another time.

But finding the right sound to create a desired mood or state of mind is tough.

Even something as simple as choosing the right song to accompany a special occasion such as birthday, anniversary or date can prove a very difficult task.

That is why we rely on the expert ear of the musician to guide us.

Talented musician and composer Shammi Pithia wants to take his listeners – of which there are many – on a emotive and intellectual journey with each new release.

His latest work – Audio Descriptive – sees the London-based artist deliver on the tantalizing promises of 2008 début EP, Cinema for the Ears.

As the title of that first record suggests, Shammi is aiming for a “total” musical experience that incorporates narrative, mood and stance in a way more usually associated with the cinematic experience.

Over the course of 16 highly eclectic and original tracks, Audio Descriptive succeeds in achieving that most difficult of briefs.

''The album is rich in content and is quite broad," says Shammi, 25.

"Some of my compositions try and touch the listener in a specific way while others set up a mood or a feeling which allows people to draw from and evoke their own personal emotions.

''In that sense, it is very cinematic. I love movie scores and I named the album 'Audio Descriptive' to suggest how images can be 'painted' by sound."

Shammi continues: "Some songs are there to tell a narrative, such as 'Pacifist', which displays the sounds, emotion and narrative of a war scene, from the point of view of a conscientious warrior.

''Other songs look into evoking an emotion or atmosphere such as 'Forthcoming'. Whatever the purpose, each track has an individual character which anyone can enjoy.''

Though the artist recoils at the term 'World Music', there's no denying that Audio Descriptive takes a global view when it comes to genre and instrumentation. 

Coming from an Anglo-Indian background, Shammi says he likes to use influences from music he grew up listening too -  this would be music from both the East and West.

"I grew up listening mainly to popular and religious Indian music. At the same time I listened to a lot of western Pop and Hip-Hop. This strongly reflects the music that was available to me living in East London.

“As I got older I discovered classical Indian music which gave me a totally different perspective on music composition; this, and my learning at university, have really shaped the music I make today.” 

I have called on all these sources for 'Audio Descriptive', which is an eclectic container for a mix of traditional Indian music, in addition to urban genres such as R 'n B, hip hop and some classical influences.''

He goes on: "I put a lot of effort and a lot of love in what I do," adds Shammi, "and have involved 23 talented musicians from all over the world. 

"Some parts of the album have been recorded in India, as well as Germany, and it has been the most amazing and fulfilling experience for me as a musician. The majority of the album was all recorded at my studio in London."

The music is brought to life by a number of different instruments including guitars, strings, drums, and the Bansuri (bamboo flute), some of which is played by Shammi himself.

"One of the main reasons much of my music does not contain lyrics is because I think that some feelings go beyond words; becoming, in effect, the only genuine international 'language', if you know what I mean."

Shammi has been steadily building a global fanbase, helped by airplay on the BBC Asian Network and radio stations across America.

With the release of Audio Descriptive, Shammi has continued to spread his musical message independently.

Shammi, a music graduate, said: ''I want to release music I want to hear, not something a board of directors says sells the most copies.

''Though there are advantages to working through a label, I would have to sacrifice control and become more of a businessman than a musician. That's not what I'm about.

''If my album can take people on emotional journeys then I am satisfied. The cult of celebrity can be for someone else.''




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