A R Rahman's Jai Ho Toronto Date is postponed!

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The most anticipated A R Rahman Jai Ho World Tour stops in Detroit and Toronto are postponed due to an unfortunate accident.
The Detroit show saw an unforeseeable accident during the set up hours. While this accident was significant, all technical crew who were on duty at that time are safe. Some suffered minor injuries. A R Rahman announced today that he was very happy to know that his crew was safe and he attributed that to the grace of the almightly.

In light of this accident, AR Rahman and his team have decided to reschedule the Detroit and Toronto shows for a future date. They further mentioned that this rescheduling is to ensure that they deliver the best they can during these performances while ensuring that the 'family' of technical staff who have been working with them are able to perform their duties. These technicians are the best in their field and their work cannot be replaced.

Despite the unfortunate accident, the spirit of the artists and A R Rahman himself are very positive. The new show date for Toronto would be announced as early as Monday June 21st, 2010. All fans are being assured by Rapport Productions and the local promoters, Altaf Hussain and NK Production Consultants and Mega Concert Promotions, that all tickets bought todate will be honoured for the future date which is to be announced shortly.



0 #1 nishatoronto 2010-06-20 18:22
this is unbelievable, we(my friends and i) were waiting for this concert for such a long time, took day off from work, bought ex[censored]siv e tickets, now the concert is cancelled ..thats just great.. just waste of money..i hope i can get my money back.. this is rediculous..why did they have to cancel the toronto concert? they could have gone back to the detroit later on? shhessh.. hope they reschedule soon im sure his fans are furious.. we understand the people are injuired but why did they have to cancel the toronto concert, now their dates are messed up..we are very upset!

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