iphone Application - Mr Singh & Mr Lee vs The Martians!

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On November 18 2009 a Martian invasion has taken place in India and China. The Martians are hungry and decided why not gobble up the two largest populations in the world. It's up to you to help stop people from being gobbed up. Join the rest of the world playing to slay 1billion Martians and beat the game. Play as an Indian superhero as well as Chinese superhero. Mr.Singh and Mr.Lee

Together we can do this, lets kick some Martian butt.


The application has been built by Gurparm Brar, a 27 year old living in Richmond Canada. Working as an accountant and by night  follows his personal list of 100 dreams to achieve in life (the apple app being one of them)!

He has spent the last year creating an Apple App game that is very original that will hopefully break cultural boundaries, unite the world in a fun way, and help with major philanthropic causes.

The philanthropic causes are:

Fighting Malaria in Africa
Opening a micro-financing company in India to combat poverty
Opening a mico-financing company in China to combat poverty

Media Coverage

Thanks to good Karma,  he has been on TV interviews, newspapers, and magazines in North America.

MrSingh and MrLee Versus The Martians - BUY NOW!

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