British Asian Newspaper Launch Weekly Online Paper!

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British Asian Newspaper, launched in November 2009 is here to represent everyday matters and concerns in the UK today.


At the same time your monthly newspaper will provide a critical analysis and a forum for debate and discussion.

Asian’s in the UK today are established, they know their roots, their community and have morals. They have integrated well into western society and are up and coming heroes which children of the next generation will aspire to.

Family values embedded into our souls, filter down from generation to generation, ensuring that nothing is lost in translation. We as British Asians have a responsibility to continue to live our lives the way in which we have been taught and pass on to the next generation, this unique ‘gift’ of being able to live in a society where change is always happening.

While some figures from the far-right have doubted the contribution of Asians to this country, today there can be no doubt that British Asians are no longer on the fringes. They have truly embraced, immersed and assimilated themselves into all aspects of British society and culture.

Throughout this great nation of ours, British Asians not only hold, but excel in a wide range of professional occupations and we aim to reflect this success in our newspaper.

Community sports are something which we are passionate about, if you are a member of such a sport or community group, please email your details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that we may publicise your cause.

Our mission is to help British Asians live a successful life in the United Kingdom and to pass on their views to the public at large in an effective and positive manner.


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