Getting Married? Get Featured on the BBC Marriage Documentary!

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BBC are looking for women of all ages, locations and cultures who are planning their big day.  It will be a gentle and warm hearted look into marriage in the 21st century.  They are looking for characterful brides-to-be of all ages to discuss why marriage is important to them and why they choose to get married.  They would like to include a modern arranged marriage as is felt that it is representative of a large section of Britain.

The programme is called ‘The 7 Ages of Marriage’ (although this may change as there is a BBC2 programme called ‘the seven ages of’!).  It is being presented by Cherry Healey who is herself getting married this year. 

The filming would be about two days worth between March and June with one camera, one sound person and Cherry, the presenter.  They would like the ladies to chat to Cherry whilst doing something wedding related, like choosing a dress/location for example.

Download the application form; and if anyone is interested then please complete and send ASAP to details on the form.



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