Coventry's Bhangra Heads in Semi Finals on Sky TV's Got to Dance Show

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bhangra heads

They were awarded three gold stars by the celebrity judges on TV’s Got To Dance talent show and now they are on the way to win £100,000!

The group of young city dancers only began dancing last summer and travelled to Manchester to take part in the auditions of the Sky One show.

They performed before Pussycat Dolls performer Kimberly Wyatt, West End star Adam Garcia and Ashley Banjo from Britain’s Got Talent winners Diversity.

Adam Garcia later called their performance “joyous” and all three judges gave the group their seal of approval. Sumeet-Pal Singh Panesar, aged 19, from Chapelfields, said: “We are just waiting now to hear what happens next.

“We’ve been rehearsing whenever we can and it would be great if we are picked to go further in the competition.”

And to follow on from that, TV presenter Davina McCall drove to Coventry to give city dance group Bhangra Heads some good news... they are through to the live semi-finals of nationwide talent show Got To Dance.

The eight-strong city group only began dancing last year and were among thousands from all over the UK who applied to take part in the Sky 1 Show.

The first live semi-final is due to take place on Sunday, January 24th, on Sky1. They are of the first batch of 6 acts to perform at the next week’s semi-final. Only two acts will be chosen each week by viewer votes to go all the way to the grand final where they could snap-up the £100,000 if their dancing skills take them all the way through to the TV final.

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jamie lk
+1 #3 jamie lk 2010-01-21 09:39
I am all for bhangra going mainstream and people made aware of it on a wide scale. Going back to signature when they took part in Britain got talent show; the fame they achieved was massive, BUT, the aftermath from their show, was that they suddenly got so big headed, demanding for personal dressing rooms at events, acting as they were the pioneers of breaking into mainstream! We want to succeed, we should work and support others on the way, making opportunities for others on the way. Good luck and hope more can take on challenges like this.
+1 #2 reema. 2010-01-20 22:22
good luck, keeping the roots alive :)
+1 #1 talwar 2010-01-20 11:07
Good to see our music and importantly it being exposed on the mainstream level, seen them perform, good luck to them and hope to see them win!

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