BRIT-ASIAN launches issue 15

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U.S #1 star Jay Sean Graces Brit-Asian Magazine

BRIT-ASIAN launches issue 15 which sees U.S #1 star Jay Sean grace the cover as Jay speaks on the success of reaching the top of the US charts, the hot new album All Or Nothing, getting closer to collaborating with the likes of Rihanna & Jay-Z and why it’s up to Asian artists themselves to step up to the plate.

Features also include the living legend of Indian cinema that is Amitabh Bachchan, talking exclusively about his most challenging movie to date in PAA , swapping roles with son Abhishek, the life and times of being Amitabh Bachchan and his reaction when learning Aishwarya was to be his future daughter in law.

Brit-Asian takes a trip down to Channel 4’s Grewal Family residence to talk to the new reality show stars of 2009 and how each member of the family’s story won the hearts of the nation. We talk to all members including how the show followed the controversial wedding of Sunny and Shay Grewal.

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