Pre Order: 'Yaar Nai Labhde' ONLY £2.99

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Get ready for one of the biggest albums of the year! "Yaar Nai Labhde" (Click here for video) by singing sensation Jaswinder Daghamia is set for a worldwide release on August 21st. The man behind the hit tracks 'Pegg', 'Chutki' & 'Gabru Gulab Warga' & CentreSonic Sounds have teamed up to offer a special Pre-Order deal where you will be one of the first to get your hands on the album!

The album will also be signed by both Jaswinder Daghamia and hit producer Gupsy Aujla.

Wherever you are in the world you can get this album for the extraordinary price of £4.50 including P&P.



** This Price Includes WORLDWIDE Shipping **


+1 #1 sanj_s 2009-08-04 09:31
£2.99 for an album should be bought by anyone who listens to Bhangra music. The price reflects the cost of a cd without the frills of shopkeepers making money out of it. Other labels/artists should follow suit and make their cds prices around the £5.00. Jaswinder is a true talent and sure looking forward to this album. Anyone know if he is doing any gigs?

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