Introducing Amz 'n' B

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Introducing Amz 'n' B


London, May 29th -    Born and raised in an area of London not known for its Asian producers, Amz ‘n’ B are two man production team set to make their mark on the Asian music scene.  Descending from South East London, the eclectic young duo bring together a diverse range of influences and a distinct passion for music which is second to none. In an era when differentiating yourself from others is becoming harder than ever, Amz ‘n’ B are in the unique category of artists who have spent years learning their musical trade, both classically and in the studio. They plan to slowly introduce themselves to the Bhangra scene with a number of singles released throughout year, with each single demonstrating the creativity and quality the duo possess.


The prodigious partnership first came to fruition almost 5 years ago to set up D.G. Entertainment, alongside DJ Haps. This journey of touring across not only London but the UK has allowed them to widen their musical knowledge and experience. They have already performed at one of the biggest clubs in Europe; London’s prestigious Ministry of Sound creating havoc in front of almost 2000 party revellers.  With influences ranging from Linkin Park to Mohd. Siddique, it is clear that their background is made up of diverse influences across the music spectrum.



  Amz saw himself learn the Tabla, Harmonium at the Sikh Temple, this classical education would gradually lead onto Amz becoming an accomplished percussionist in both the Tabla and Dhol. This rich history of music sees Amz focus on the more traditional elements of production, encompassing his skills to ensure a sound is created that is distinct and desi.



The production duo is made complete with the enigmatic producer; B. Having been a DJ from a young age, production was seen as a natural progression for B. Where Amz is traditional, B brings forward a fresh and funky sound into the studio as an infectious beat maker.  B states: “By using my knowledge and skills that I have learnt on my way through the music industry, we have collaborated with some  big names and wish to show our originality and versatility on each track. This is only the beginning!”

The Official Remix

Watch out for their debut single, an official remix of ‘Da Akhada’ by Mohd Siddique & Ranjit Kaur which has been licensed by EMI. The remix which has been described as ‘folk and funky’ is set to explode onto the dancefloors and radio stations across the UK! Amz explains his feelings on the remix:  “This track is definitely one for the elders and the youngsters, with the funkyness of mainstream music and the traditional ways of folk music!”

The remix will be available as a free download within the coming weeks!


0 #5 loll.. 2009-08-10 17:20
its all ghost production bunch of joeys
summer essence
0 #4 summer essence 2009-08-10 17:15
lol i no these lil boys seen them dwn my endz a bit of a jke really but let me c if their music can prove me wrong.
0 #3 bains 2009-05-31 19:29
yo amz, this site aint all that, message me on facebook for a much better one.
0 #2 Guest 2009-05-30 01:15
"Amz saw himself learn the Tabla, Harmonium at the Sikh Temple"
0 #1 Neha! 2009-05-29 22:35
Semi famous now are we?! . dont forget your ollld friendssss when you make it big !! :-) ..

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