Veena V presents a brand new Internet Radio Show

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Veena V presents a brand new Internet Radio Show for Pregnant Woman


Popular radio presenter Veena V has launched an online radio show about Pregnancy. The show provides information for all stages of pregnancy and beyond with top experts, celebrities and real life stories.

“Becoming pregnant myself unexpectedly has motivated me to do something challenging and completely out of my comfort zone. My aim with VIPregnancy (Very Important Pregnancy) is to inspire other woman, provide a wealth of information and raise awareness about serious pregnancy conditions,” said Veena.



After having worked for several mainstream and Asian radio stations Veena has decided to launch her own radio show. Most recently Veena won the ‘Best Radio Presenter’ award at Channel 4’s 4talent Awards 2008, which was judged by some of the media industries top professionals.

On the first show, which is available to listen to and download now on, Veena talks to two top midwives from University College London Hospital and the Royal College of Midwives about Pregnancy Myths; does morning sickness only happen in the morning? Can you still eat peanuts and do woman really suffer from something called ‘Pregnancy Brain’?


Future shows include, the importance of exercise during and after pregnancy, nutrition and antenatal depression. Veena’s new Podcasts will be informative yet entertaining and she hopes the show’s will help and support many women. 



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