Introducing Gupz Saund (Promos)

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Gurpreet Saund AKA Gupz, from Nairobi Kenya who has won the local award 'For The Best Asian Artist' for his hit singles for 2 Successive years.  He Is A Composer , Record Producer , Dj , Singer & Radio Presenter .  He now brings, "Get Ready For The Glimpse ……. Its Truly One Of A Kind"

The track listing are:

01 - One Of A Kind - Intro
02 - Afreen
03 - Ishaare
04 - Heer
05 - Sohniye Ft. AG Dolla
06 - Punjabi
07 - Heer (Take Me Home Remix) Ft. AG Dolla

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Read the review that was done by one of the Local Papers out in Kenya.

12 MARCH 2009

ALTHOUGH i am not a Bhangra music fan, i do like a few selected bhangra tracks. I must also admit that have never reviewed a bhangra album. When I picked Gupz Saund's THE GLIMPSE, I was not sure if i would do it justice in a review. However i am glad i did, because going through the album track by track, i realised the immense effort that has gone in to making it.

The album matches international standards yet maintains its down home punjabi flavour. The first track caught me by surprise! Afreen is a romantic number with a spirited punjabi feel to it. Just as i was beginning to enjoy the romantic number, the gears suddenly changed and the next song ishaare is a typical bhangra track that demands you to cut loose and get on the dance floor. The whistles and the punjabi expressions like 'buurraaaahhhhhhhh' give you a feel of the rich bhangra music. Ishaare is a track that is bound to catch the fancy of club goers. It is undoubtedly the best track of the album.

Oscillating between dance and romance, the song that follows is heer which is another soulful romantic number. This failed to make a lasting impression on me and i hit fast forward to the next track sohniye which features a UK artist A.G.DOLLA alongside Gupz.

A.G. DOLLA brings in a little rap to the funky track which works well with the beat hence sohniye carries on the dance mood.

With its folkish roots showing, the punjabi song is a toast to the punjabi community.  And finally, the album closes with a remix version of heer, where once again the fusion of rap music with bhangra beat make up this number.

Generally the album stands out. Gupz picks songs which he does justice to. One expects Gupz will try to make it big internationally after this album. the music by pritam virdee is truly on par with global standards and that is saying alot. The only downside is the lyrics in some songs which could have been made friendlier for non-punjabi ears.

It's a good album to listen to during a rigorous work out session. buy it!!!!

star rating 3 out of 5. 

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