Jay Sean & Pussycat Dolls Feature in Worlds First Ever Asian iMag.

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The UK’s first FREE Asian Magazine, Brit-Asian, launched in late 2006 has moved leaps and bounds to develop and launch it’s second phase with the world’s first interactive Asian lifestyle iMag.

The FREE Brit-Asian iMag, will provide readers around the world with the best in British Asian Lifestyle through an innovative modern format, merging TV, print and video aspects into one polished publication.

Over the last 3 years, Brit-Asian has attracted exclusive news and coverage from the superstars of today and been the ‘go-to’ publication by publicists.  The original print magazine launched in 2006 with the face of L’Oreal, Aishwarya Rai gracing the cover with a feature interview.  It has gone on to deliver to reader’s exclusive news and features from Grammy nominated M.I.A, multiplatinum selling Pussycat Dolls, Celebrity Big Brother champion Shilpa Shetty and super producer Rishi Rich.

Founder and Entrepreneur Rick Parmar said, “I’m extremely excited by the new iMag as we fill the gap in British Asian tastes and trends through a format that will blow your mind! Now we have a global reach the magazine will have the power to strengthen brand awareness and direct sales of any talent or business in association with us”. He adds, “We were the first magazine to put T.I in with Aishwarya Rai, so don’t expect anything less with the Brit-Asian iMag”.

The iMag will continue to break ground and deliver news and features with much more intensity then any other publication. It’s newly appointed celebrity columnists include Kiss FM’s Neev, Make-Up artist Ambreen and Channel 4’s talent winner Veena V providing the best in media, entertainment and lifestyle.

Brit-Asian’s iMag kicks off with Jay Sean gracing the first ever cover and covers an exclusive interview on being the first ever-Asian artist to secure a recording contract with multiplatinum selling outfit Cash Money Millionaires. The Pussycat Dolls exclusively talk about their tour of India, Karan Johar hints at new flick 'My Name is Khan' with super competitions from Oscar nominated blockbuster, 'Slumdog Millionaire'.

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