Introducing 'Roti'

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Charisma, character and realness are what you find when you enter the world of Roti.

Bursting onto the scene in late 2006 he has quickly certified his name in the Canadian urban music scene, by combining his hard work ethic, dedication and raw talent.

He has been guided by the likes of industry giant Mr.Knia who has managed the successful careers of Donmillion and 20-blo to name a few. To date Roti has released 2 mix tapes, 4 promo cd’s, 3 videos and 2 radio singles and has done countless shows throughout the Toronto area.




Hearing his music u can feel the passion and realness in his words determined not be labeled just another rapper but rather an artist, roti has stretched his creativity and has collaborated along side rnb sensations such as Kim Davis, Nigel Woodz and Keon Love.


Raised in the Markham and Eglinton low income neighborhoods, Roti was no stranger to being on the wrong side of the law in and out of jail for most of teenage years; his life however came to a stand still with the senseless murder of his best friend in a drive by shooting. Determined not to end up like those all around him in a society filled with gang’s drugs and violence Roti found solace in hip hop music.

Knowing it hard to find a way out of the pitfalls of society roti formed his own street team and label Mastamindz ENT. And began his career in Canadian the urban music scense.  He is currently in the process of recording his debut album and in the works of securing a distribution deal threw universal.

Working along side mega producers Fonz of dramatic tracks and Product of Major music productions his album is set for release in spring 2009. Determined to be crowned one of the greatest rappers from the great white north, with a message for the masses to hear he will be one to look out for in the present and future.





With lyrics that tingle the spine, songs that make u feel his struggle party anthems that make you bop your head, and throw them M’s up.

Roti is going to take rap to another plateau.

Roti will be the voice of a city and generations to come.

For more info on roti and future releases visit



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