Update on Asha Jassal.

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After many years of working hard to prove her, performing at Melas, Charity events, functions and working with some of the top and renowned producers, Asha Jassal has finally made the break she had been looking for! 

She has been given the platform and the guidance from top UK and International group 'STEREO NATION' Taz who have given her the opportunity to become part of the group.  This opens new horizons for her and now takes her across the seas performing at some of the largest and events around the world which included the latest one in Norway Oslo, pulling in 90 thousand people!

Starting of as a bathroom singer in the early days when dancing and poetry was more her interest Asha, turned her poetry into songs and began singing a few years after from encouragement of family and friends.  Whilst sending out demos there was interest from a renowned producer Mr Kuljit Bhambra who took interest in Asha's vocals and songs and released her first debut album 'Yours Truly'.

Asha continued her journey and wrote many more songs and began working with producers which have now been the focus of her new album.  

Mumbai producer Jayanta Pathak helped produce 'Asha for peace' which means hope for peace a heart warming and very moving track.  The track went on to become her world peace project with which Asha hopes to spread around the world.  Any donations from the song which is in English and Hindi are being sent directly to the chosen charity.

Asha Jassal - Asha For Peace - (Video) [Charity Single]

With interest in the UK and overseas lead her into collaboration with Jamaican singer 'Da'ville Thompson' who loved the track and is ready to work with her.  He is also known to have worked with Sean Paul and other well known artists so watch this space.
Stereo Nation were impressed with Asha’s Voice enthusiasm and motivation when they met her so took her on board and hope to work together on forthcoming projects.  

For now is an exciting time for Asha as much popularity is leading her into representing many local community events and the local media coverage.  She has also been offered to contract 5 UK films with her vocals and song writing also a secret mention of playing a leading role.  

A Middlesex girl from Southall is reaching for the stars to complete her world peace mission and as Asha quotes "My goal and biggest dream is to playback a Bollywood movie... destination reached" Wishing myself luck and of course gods blessings.

Also thanking my group Stereo Nation, family, friends and for supporting me through all this.


You can find more information on Asha at the following link;

Introducing Asha Jassal (Promos)



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