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Bullying & Big Brother!


A new bullying row on Big Brother has sparked more than 750 complaints. Media watchdog Ofcom has received 505 complaints since Alex De Gale began launching foul-mouthed tirades at her housemates.


Channel 4 has also had around 250 complaints.  

In the latest scenes, Alex is involved in another row. She accuses Rex of touching her lighter without permission and of having a personal vendetta against her, calling him a "loser" when the chef walks away. Afterwards Alex, an accounts executive from Croydon, sheds tears in the Diary Room, saying she had tried to curb her anger since being warned about her behaviour.  

One would assume after all the controversy with the celebrity one where Shilpa suffered various indirect comments that were deemed to be racist, this would not happen again!  What are your thoughts?