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Trisha Tak -Care (Khayal)

Out Now is the track titled Care (Khayal) by Trisha Tak, Produced by Turkish Dcypha.

Embarking on my musical journey at the age of 6, I found myself enveloped in the rich tapestry of melodies and harmonies that echoed through my family's deeply rooted musical background. Coming from a lineage where music was more than just a pastime but a way of life, I was exposed to a diverse range of sounds that became the soundtrack of my formative years.

Inspired by the soulful melodies of Mariah Carey, the rhythmic beats of Drake, Gunna, the cultural resonance of Burna Boy, Pretty Ricky, and the timeless classics of Surinder Kaur, Kuldeep Manak, Asa Singh Mastana and Surinder Shinda and MANY more have that stirred my soul. I developed the enchanting touch of folk Punjabi music from my Bibi Ji and Mother. Their collective impact shaped the layers of my artistic identity. Furthermore, my collaborative work with Turkish Dcypha expanded my horizons, infusing my sound with a global flair and bringing a unique fusion to my music.

In this collaborative journey, each note carries the echoes of familial narratives, and every lyric is woven with the threads of shared experiences. The support from my family, spanning generations and diverse musical tastes, became the bedrock of my artistic identity, nurturing my talents and shaping the trajectory of my career. Today, as I take centre stage, I carry with me not only a wealth of musical knowledge but also a profound sense of gratitude for the familial roots that have guided and inspired me. My art is a reflection of the lessons learned, the stories shared, and the timeless melodies that have shaped me into the artist I am today.

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