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Bhangra Smash Up - Rab Varge Yaar ft. Anantpal Billa

Bhangra Smash Up Records presents the latest track titled 'Rab Varge Yaar' featuring Anantpal Billa. Out now on all digital platforms

Music: Bhangra Smash Up
Mix/Mastering: PKCTheFirst
Lyrics: Bhinder Khanpuri
Artwork: Diptesh Chohan

Gurcharan Bhujhangy

Introducing the Bhangra Smash Up Band…. The band formed in 2017, and since then have performed all over the UK! Including some of the biggest festivals and events across the region. This is not a regular drumming band; we can guarantee that – once the Bhangra Smash Up take the stage with their electrifying Dhol beats, fusing with the Dholak and mainstream music, you cannot help but to dance!

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