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AsianFx official launch goes off with a bang!



Wednesday 9th April 2008 was the date of the new commercial Asian radio station, aptly titled ‘AsianFx’. The launch took place at Khazana restaurant, Holyhead Road Birmingham, between 6pm- 9pm.

The event started with a short speech from Managing Director Surjit Singh Ghuman, he thanked everybody for coming and briefly explained the ideology behind AsianFx ‘Most radio stations are language or music specific, the needs of British born Asians seemed to be ignored, so creating a platform for these cultures to unite seemed the right thing to do’

 Unlike a traditional launch, AsianFx was also broadcasting live from the restaurant from 4-10pm, Drive time presenter Tarv Nijjar comments ‘AsianFx is completely different from other stations, we wanted to show our guests who we are, what we are about and what we do, presenting live at the launch was amazing’

The guestlist alone included famous celebrities such as Rishi Rich, Juggy D and newcomer H Dhami who were present and also enjoyed the live performance by Shakie and Sham.

The AsianFx presenter team were also there to show their support but also to see the highly anticipated ‘dance off’ between ‘Breakfast babes’ Veena V and Keeks against the ‘Drive Time Boys’ Tarv and Sukh. The dance off was performed at the launch to show the fun element of AsianFx, Dj Bobby B said ‘Business launches are usually dull and boring, the AsianFx team brought something different and this mirrors what is expected to be portrayed on the station’.

The restaurant was open to the public from midday and had a tremendous response from AsianFx listeners all wanting to be a part of the night, however the restaurant was closed to the public at 4pm, allowing only invited guest’s access. Mandeep Singh, Operations Manager stated ‘we were overwhelmed with the support we got from our listeners, AsianFx is in its infancy and we were not expecting such a strong fan base in this short space of time’.

Much to the delight of everyone involved, the night was a huge success. The overall atmosphere on the night was electric, with every guest leaving with a big smile on their face!


Watch this space for loads coming soon!!