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Unleashing The Seductive Sound of Sai Priya! (Promos)


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Mini CV

  • Occupation: Singer, Songwriter
  • Genres: RnB, Soul, Jazz, Funk, Dance, Reggae, Opera
  • Influences: Madonna, Whitney Houston, Pavarotti, A.R. Rahman
  • Favourite films: Casino, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Shining
  • Favourite food: My Mum's
  • Favourite books: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins and Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
  • Favourite quote:

If God is a DJ
Life is a dance floor
Love is the rhythm
You are the music


Sai Priya - The intoxicating new artist who sings to a global beat 

Traversing boundaries with the universal appeal of music, Sai Priya is the UK's hottest new singer. Born in Jamaica, raised in Trinidad and Tobago and later London, her voice knows no barriers. Described as an intoxicating talent, her first offering comes from years of vast training and experience in music.

As a lyricist, Sai Priya's songs have an essence of love, heartache, chemistry, lust and pride which are derived from her internationally inspired heritage. Of this, she says:

"My lyrics come from observing people, how the world interacts, emotions which arouse my heart or mind or something purely sensual, be it personal or empathetic. Writing immerses me in a world where moments which I may have missed, can be relived and captured through my song."

Having worked with the likes of B21, Dr Zeus, General Levy, Simon Nandhra, Tariq Khan plus others, Sai Priya brings an innovative sound to the RnB arena. As a featured artist in 'Ranjha' with B21 and 'Naina' with Dr Zeus, Sai Priya has raised the bar for the modern UK artist. These songs showcase her versatility in using different influences and genres to create a bold sound. Fans acclaim her potent and distinctive voice as a globally raised phenomenon. 

Sai Priya's influences range from the likes of Madonna to Whitney Houston. Madonna, for her flair for reinventing herself and being a savvy business woman within the music industry. Whitney Houston, simply for her incredible voice.

Additional inspirations are Pavarotti and A.R. Rahman. Pavarotti's commanding stage presence and strength of voice has inspired Sai Priya to train with Opera singer Stella Arman of The Voice Factory in London where she also experiments with different genres including Jazz and Soul. The music of A.R. Rahman appeals due to its nostalgic and profound sounds which connect both Eastern and Western audiences.

When asked about choosing genres for her music, Sai Priya does not feel confined to one particular type as she says: "The vibes from growing up in the Caribbean gave me a chilled out and free spirited view of the world where rhythm is innate and all encompassing." This is a sexy lady who is therefore clearly not afraid to be versatile with alternative singing styles to enhance her natural talent.

Sai Priya's creative lineage is impressive. Her eminent parents come from artistically and musically rich families from the South and North of India. Her mother is an artist whose paintings capture a variety of scenes unique to Indian culture. This has had a huge impact on Sai Priya who says: "Here is a land of filled with contradictions from chaos to calmness, full of colour, cultures, sounds, scenes and tastes – a world that never fails to provoke your senses."

Her Grandmother (Saroja Kalyanaraman, who was a lead singer for the South India Carnatic Group in Hyderabad) from her Father's side has performed on many South Indian radio shows with well established artists such as the late M S Subbulakshmi. Her Father's side of the family are classically trained and use traditional sounds of the Mrudangam, Violins and Veena. Her late Grandfather (Rajendra Kumar Sisodia) from her Mother's side was a classical Hindustani singer, who worked with instruments such as the Sitar and the Tabla.

Quick picks

  • Sai Priya hosted her first ever Music Party at Emni in Angel, Islington, London on Saturday 8th March 2008
  • Performed at the Bedfordshire County Music Festival showcasing songs from Operettas and West End Musicals
  • Featured on Bally Jagpal's album Untruly Yours on 'Ranjha' and B21's Dark & Direct album on 'Pehli War'
  • Featured on General Levy's single 'Shake what yo Mama gave ya'
  • Featured on Dr Zeus's album Unda Da Influence on 'Naina' and 'Kangna' (Acoustic Mix)
  • Featured on Tariq Khan's Nachdi Sohni album 'Akhan Vich Akhan'
  • Featured on Simon Nandhra's album Silent Tears 'Par Langah Deh'
  • Performed at the Millenium Dome for the Millenium Diwali Celebrations
  • Performed at Ravidhra Bharathi Audtorium in Hyderabad
  • Sai Priya continues to perform at RnB and Garage gigs in Nightclubs within Central London. Her most recent appearances include performing at Acoustic Evenings in London Bridge and Islington.

Enjoy some of Sai Priya's tracks from her forthcoming album.

1. One in million - Artist and Lyricist Sai Priya, Produced by Brass Tax
2. Bring it on - Artist and Lyricist Sai Priya, featuring and produced by Brass Tax
3. Private Dancer - Artist and Lyricist Sai Priya, Produced by Brass Tax
4. Love for just one night - Artist and Lyricist Sai Priya, Produced by Brass Tax


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