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The Challenge ? Music and ?The Wobbly Bits?!


We all have an inner self that loves to dance, but what should it be?  Bhangra, Bollywood, Hip-Hop?  

Many may not even be sure what Bhangra is!!   Is it something young people do?  Or is it one for all? Is it something full of energy? 

So what, that we may have never done it before, but would it help tone that extra bit?  Is it all about ‘changing a light bulb’ routine! 

Having said all this if you commit to whatever is best, the results are startling, not just in terms of feeling better but in almost every aspect of your life you will be more positive, focussed and achieve more everywhere. 

Chat away – what do you think would help best to beat that ‘flab’?  What is your favourite track to dance to?  Is Music the best way?