Introduction to The Infamous Ranj

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Infamous Ranj – many of us have seen him in Bhangra Videos, performing in melas and how can you not be tempted by his wacky videos on facebook!  We caught up with him to give you a quick summary of what has been happening with him.


For the ones who don’t know much about you, tell about yourself.

Well the name is Ranj aka Infamous Ranj, a spilt person between an urban Bhangra dancer and Traditional Bhangra dancer.  I have been dancing for just over two years and am self taught.  Infamous Ranj in the two years you could say has done a lot but not enough, performing at wedding, melas and other events.

Where you might see him?

Well you might see Ranj in a lot of places as I am very dedicated and passionate dancer. Also last year I have performed at Barking, Gunnersbury and even Manchester mela.

You might have had a wedding and had the honour of Infamous Ranj and probably dancing in Eastham High Street!!

You have a good portfolio of people you have worked with, care to share that?

I have danced for Playazlab, Aman Hayer, Mc Special, Surinder Rattan and honoured to dance for my favourite group DCS.

Who would you like to dance for?

There are many artists that I would like to dance for, but in my eyes they are all the same, the talented Des-c, amazing Mona Singh, Abrar and many more.

But many have a certain voice which I would like to show them my skills through my dancing.   

But I would most of all like to dance in front of my family on stage that would be the best.

When you are not busy dancing, is there anything else you get up to?

Work full time in East LondonEastham High St. (you need to go there to find him lol.)

Love to spend time with friends and family and being the baby of the family.  Besides dancing don’t have many hobbies; love dancing more then anything and I am busy with the dancing classics as well.




Summarise yourself?

I am single sweet munda and always have been, the baby out my bro and sis.  Work full time and do dancing when ever I can, love to help those in need even if I don’t know you.  Dancing is the one thing I love but my niece and nephews will always come before dancing as they are a inspiration to me.

What are the plans for the future?

What ever is written in my kismet I shall wait and I pray that I can continue entertaining my audience and those who enjoy my dancing.  Get the opportunity to go outside London even abroad is something I will working on.

As I said I keep doing what I do best and kismet take care of the rest.

You also have your own company?

I official have my own company, by the name of I.D. (infamous dancers).  Watch this space, for the Infamous Dancer Studios opening in Late July in south London.

Recently god blessed me with enough money; this involves everything from dances lessons to wedding bookings.

Finally thought...

I take whatever life gives or throws at me. I am a normal human with same goals in life but I make my own way to get them. 

I have a dream and I will succeed no matter how long it takes, I have the strength and determination to make that happen.

I show all the passion I have for this through my dance.

And thank you all for reading this and the people here at for keeping Bhangra alive and driving my passion further.







+1 #21 billydakidd 2010-06-09 14:49
Crap dancer..I think he's an Afghan singh you can tell by his beard
manni singh
+1 #20 manni singh 2010-01-07 17:13
are you indian mate?
+1 #19 Guest 2009-01-28 05:03
+1 #18 S P 2009-01-27 08:43
What a sensation - keep up the great moves- hope to see you on all over the stage in \'09!
All the best! :woohoo:
+1 #17 pree 2008-10-23 13:01
Ranj luking goodd
0 #16 JAS - MR S1NGH 2008-10-17 16:47
Yo RANJ is a sikkkkk dancer! his super fast n dat.. he livs up da place wereva he performs n dat!!

wish u all da best in future.. n gud luck wid ur studioo aswel!!


0 #15 Guest 2008-10-15 04:06
All the best
0 #14 TOO SIKArun!!! 2008-09-18 20:36

ur tooooooo sikkkk at dancinn

bedford mela wuz sik wid yu dancin on stage n shit

keep it up

-2 #13 Guest 2008-09-17 10:37
oh my god this guy is a sick dancer.

i seen him at a few places, his energy and speed is better then any dancer i seen.

he is so humble and down to earth,

Ranj me and my sister wish you the best man dont stop dancing.
0 #12 LoL 2008-09-16 18:43
Anywayyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyy...... .Moving on!
0 #11 Guest 2008-09-13 22:49
ranj is a great guy really humble and down to earth and hardworking anyone who speaks badly of him should be put down woof :evil:
+2 #10 -anonymous 2008-08-31 14:12

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