Shartan by Khushi

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Get YOUR Talent Recognised!


There is fantastic musical talent all over the world but many people struggle to get their first break, and that is where we decided to help, by bringing it you, and giving you that well deserved break into the Industry! 

We teamed up with up Airex International to launch a talent search and to get your talents heard within the music industry. 

What we are looking for is brilliant new music and a 'Helping Hand' is now there for you. 

The aim of this is to give the many artists who may not have access to the music industry an opportunity to do so and move on to better things with their productions and projects!

Artists who are interested in the talent search should send one track directly to Airex International. 

CDs and tapes should be sent to:

55 Langdale Gardens,Perivale, Greenford,Middlesex, London - UB6 8DQ 

MP3s can be emailed to the Airex International using the Email Address - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Leave your thoughts about this and if there are any questions you may have here.

Good Luck!! Cool

(Yet Another Exclusive Joint Working Just For YOU!)