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Introducing... DJ Harpz, VIP Records

Leicster born DJ Harpz is ready to make 2008 the year he firmly cements his place as a well renowned bhangra producer. After spending years DJing up and down the country he is putting the final touches to his debut album on VIP Records

Since a young age Harpz started learning how to play the Tabla (Indian Drum Instrument) at his local Gurdwara slowly gaining knowledge on how music was formed and performed, from what he learned playing the Tabla he started experimenting with different types of music on his computer by using really basic mixing tools and blending Western Beats with his Eastern Influences it resulted in a number of remixes which he showed to his mum and cousins who supported him in what he was doing and told him to keep it up.

The breakthrough into the live DJ'ing came about when he was around his cousin's house and was watching him mixing, blending & scratching records on his turntables, He knew that would be a good addition to what he started doing on the computer by the age of 12 he got his first pair of Numark Turntables which he started messing around on picking up simple Beatmatching and scratching skills also he started adding his knowledge that he learning messing round on his turntables to the computer and found himself making complex remixes which he uploaded onto the internet and got really good feed back on.

A year of messing around on his turntables and getting the grip of DJ'ing, Harpz found himself playing at small bars and local Daytime Events around his hometown of Leicester, He started getting noticed for his unique style of CD & Vinyl DJ'ing and soon after was asked to start playing at more of a major level, His big Break came in 2003 when he was booked to playing alongside Rishi Rich, Juggy D & Don Dee at their Album Launch Party at a nightclub called The Mint, from this event other big promoters noticed that Harpz was a big talent at such a young age (15) and was asked to host / deejay a number of big gigs at major clubs around Leicester.

Harpz carried on DJ'ing and making a name for himself by playing at all the hottest night spots in Leicester, The biggest turning point in his career came in 2005 when he was chosen to come onto the Adil Ray Show (BBC AsianNetwork) to DJ on the Friday Night Hotmix, This showed a wider audience his style and technique on the decks and also showed how his Production Technique has progressed.

Since his appearance on the Adil Ray Show, Harpz has been in high demand around the club circuit and plays out regularly alongside the biggest name in music such as Raghav, Tigerstyle, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Lehmbher, Panjabi MC, Tim Westwood, Nitin Sawhney, Bobby Friction & Nihal to name a few, Along the way he became good friends with Twin Beats who offered him valuable advice and support and later became DJ Harpz's mentors. Over the past 6 years he's played all over the UK and has not failed to amaze the crowds he has played in front of, In 2006 Harpz contacted VIP Records to sign a deal for his debut bhangra album.

 DJ Harpz's debut album will be releasing MID 2008; 


Album Information:

Titled: “You Think You Know”

A 12 track album featuring: 

Ashok Gill, Sukhwinder Panchi, Manak E, Lehmber, Labh Janjua, Romesh Chohan, Jaswant Heera, AC + Terra, Raja Wilco, Turbo, Sukha Shera, Amerjit Chamkila + Many More

Out 2008 on VIP Records

Click Here For The Promo Track 'Thumka'

The track 'Thumka' has been sung by singing sensation Jaswant Heera and is from the album 'You Think You Know' 



Watch out for further information on the album 'You Think You Know' closer to the album release. Untill then check out the DJ Harpz Myspace page for further updates and promos!