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Gupz Sehra Artist Of The Month 'SimplyBhangra.com'

Throughout the months we will be looking at the work of artists in the Punjabi music industry and how they have progressed throughout their career.

Let’s begin with looking at Gupz Sehra. In 2013, Gupz stepped into the industry as a music producer with his debut music composition for the track ‘Ikk Pal’ by Ammy Virk. He then worked with Ammy for his first album entitled ‘Jattizm’ which received the Best Album of the Year Award in 2014.

Receiving this recognition would always led to motivation and drive a person to provide something bigger and better in future. Gupz began to work with many versatile artists and produce the music for tracks such as Kuwari, Peg Pugg, 12 Vise, Haan Kargi and many many more! Some of the songs he has worked on have received some sort of award and without the combination of a good music composition, good lyrics and a good video a song cannot be successful.

Even though Gupz is currently an extremely successful music director, he also wanted to showcase his vocal skills to his fans. Therefore, he decided to go down the line of singing to see what kind of response he would receive and whether this is an area he should also go down in future.

Like always if you do something for the first time it’s a risk. In 2016 he took this risk and released his debut track as a singer entitled ‘Coco Chanel.’ The positive response received from the audience made him continue in this field alongside composing music and release tracks such as ‘Jatt Di Queen,’ ‘Engine Te Bhangra’ and ‘Matching.’

‘Label Black’ was a track which become an international hit and I would say which made him become more known globally. This success has given him the opportunity to go on international tours and perform in front of large audiences.

As you know nowadays music and video directors also appear in music videos alongside the singers. However this is not the case for Gupz. Has anyone noticed that Gupz has not appeared in music videos unless it is for his own songs?

He is constantly busy in the studio working on new music so lets see what he has lined up for us in future!