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A+ A A- Top #Bhangra Songs 'March 2018'

Every month will be looking back at the songs released in the past month and giving you some of our top songs of the month. Here are some of our top songs of March 2018!


Aja Kudiye - Jagtar Dulai

In 2016 Jagtar Dulai, Dav Juss and DJ Raj collaborated for the track ‘Love Bangles’ which was a mashup of the very well known song ‘Kangna’ by Master Rakesh and Dr Zeus and Hindi song ‘Pyar Kiya To Nibhana.’

Jagtar, Dav and DJ Raj have teamed up once again for the slow romantic track ‘Aja Kudiye.’ The young singer also penned the beautiful lyrics to which the young audience can connect.

‘I wrote ‘Aja Kudiye’ about 2 years ago. It’s a story of a guy telling a girl everything that he would like to do for her - take her around the world and fulfil her hopes and dreams. Musically, I wrote it in summertime so I think it reflects the happy, upbeat vibe at the time!’

Trending Nakhra - Amrit Maan

Amrit Maan’s songs are quite powerful and have a heavy background beat to go with the tone of his voice regardless of the genre. However ‘Trending Nakhra’ featuring the beautiful model Ginni Kapoor has more of a steady, catchy and gentle beat which has been composed by Intense.

Ghora 3 - Benny Dhaliwal

After a huge success of ‘Va Vai Va’ and ‘Ghora 2,’ UK singer Benny Dhaliwal returns with ‘Ghora 3.’ There is always that worry when an artist releases the following part of a song whether it will reach the audiences expectations but also get an even better response than the previous songs. 

Well, the vocals of Benny Dhaliwal go perfect with Aman Hayer’s music once again for Part 3 of the Ghora collaboration!

Credit Card - G Sidhu

G Sidhu continues to dominate and has not failed to disappoint his fans again with the release of ‘Credit Card!’ The lyrics have had a massive impact as they have been creatively penned in a way which makes the audience laugh and put a smile on their face followed by a video which you must watch by Director Dice. 

‘Credit Card’ is definitely a track which will have everyone on the dancefloor.

100 Percent - Garry Sandhu ft. Roach Killa

Garry Sandhu’s release ‘100 Percent’ ft Wamiqa Gabbi is a huge collaboration where not only Garry, Dr Zeus and Roach Killa have worked together but they have also brought in Torey Lanez who is a very successful Hip Hop artist and adds that extra touch to the track.

Ajj Ve Chaunni Aah - Ninja

Ninja has never failed to impress us with his heart touching songs like ‘Aadat’ alongside many other releases to the recent release of ‘Ajj Ve Chaunni Aah’ featuring Himanshi Khurana. His performance in the video shows he has sung from his heart and deeply expressed his feelings throughout the video very well.

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