A+ A A- Top #Bhangra Songs 'February 2018'

Every month will be looking back at the songs released in the past month and giving you some of our top songs of the month. Here are some of our top songs of February 2018!

Akhil - Akh Lagdi

February is the month of valentines and many romantic tracks are released during this time of the year where some tracks are more successful than others. ‘Akh Lagdi’ has proven to be one of the successful tracks which has been beautifully penned by Bittu Cheema.

‘Tere supne taan vekhan
Ni je akh lagdi hove’

Diljit Dosanjh - High End

Diljit Dosanjh always surprises his fans with something new and fresh! Diljit has surprised the audience with his recent news! Over the past few months he has always been mentioning the word ‘CON.FI.DEN.TIAL’ on his social media pages. But did we really know what this meant? Everyone was eagerly waiting for more information!

After months and months of waiting he announced ‘CON.FI.DEN.TIAL’ is not the name of his next single but is the name of his next album consisting of 9 songs!

Just like one of Diljit’s previous tracks ‘Do You Know’, ‘High End’ is a very different track from the typical punjabi songs which has been composed by Snappy and penned by Rav Hanjra.

‘High end gaddiyan
150 te chhadiyan
Jatt ne vi nazran
Haan tere utte gaddiyan’

Dilpreet Dhillon - Pre Wedding

Dilpreet Dhillon has released his track ‘Pre Wedding’ which is very close to him as it was released because of their wedding which took place a few weeks ago in India. It portrays a story of Dilpreet and his wife Amber Dhillon up to their wedding day which has been nicely directed by Glaxy Media.

‘Meriyan saheliyan nu,
Tere yaaran beliyan nu,
Aitki dikha deyangey vyah’

Ninja & Sanaa - Branded Nakhra

Ninja and Sanaa have teamed up and released a duet song entitled ‘Branded Nakhra.’ Ninja is known for his extremely powerful voice whereas Sanaa has a more delicate voice. Regardless of this the combination has worked very well and the song has grew on many people as it has a catchy dance beat.

‘Hundi ae je gall tere rohb di jattan
Jatti da vi nakhra brand baneya’

Rajvir Jawanda - Sardaari

Rajvir Jawanda is known for his huge success of ‘Kangani’ which released in 2017 and also releasing tracks such as ‘Landlord’ and ‘Surname.’ ‘Sardaari’ seems like another track which will follow that path. The music has been composed by the very well known Desi Crew and lyrics by Narinder Batth. 

‘Ni ik balliye junoon pyar da,
Duji kare sardaari gabru’

Satinder Sartaaj - Main Te Meri Jaan

There are many artists that are moving away from their culture and providing songs purely for enjoyment.

However Satinder Sartaaj tells a story through his music and at the same time is very close to his roots when he interprets the story. The romantic track ‘Main Te Meri Jaan’ is first song from Satinder’s album ‘Seasons of Sartaaj’ which has been beautifully penned by the singer himself.

‘Main te meri jaan shodayi ikko jehe,
Dovein ei aa nadaan shodayi ikko jehe’

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