djheer Top #Bhangra Songs 'January 2018'

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Every month will be looking back at the songs released in the past month and giving you some of our top songs of the month. Here are some of our top songs of January 2018!


Ranjit Bawa - Diljaniya

Ranjit Bawa’s romantic song ‘Diljaniya’ has been composed nicely by Jay K. And by adding the delicate and soothing vocals by Ranjit, it has made this song sound beautiful. After his hit track ‘Heavy Weight Bhangra,’ ‘Diljaniya’ is of a completely different genre and feel!

Gurnam Bhullar - Diamond

Gurnam Bhullar’s released ‘Diamond’ earlier this month which even though it is not a dance-floor track, the song has a catchy, slow and steady beat and the beautifully penned lyrics by Vicky Dhaliwal gives the feeling of love.

 Mankirt Aulakh ft Sabrina Bajwa - Khayal

Last January Mankirt Aulakh released ‘Choorhey Wali Bahh’ where the girl questioned the boy about when will they get married. However he has now released ‘Khayal’ featuring Sabrina Bajwa.

Now the girl is questioning the boy that even though we are married and you are remembering me by hanging my wedding bangles in your truck, you are not paying any attention to me and spending more time with friends!

 PropheC - Vibe

PropheC does not follow the crowd or release similar music currently in the market which the audience like to listen to.  He always drops a surprise and releases something fresh and different which then stands out from all other songs!

He has proved this with all his past releases including ‘Vibe’ which released earlier this month which has a strong catchy beat!

 Ranjit Bawa - Parahune

‘Parahune’ is a song by Ranjit Bawa from the forthcoming Punjabi movie ‘Laavan Phere’ which casts Roshan Prince and Rubina Bajwa. The song is one of a very few songs which is dedicated to son-in laws.

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