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The Fifth Cup - Discrimination in the British-Asian Community

Ikonz magazine editor Reena Combo is to play a lead character in a play highlighting caste discrimination in the British-Asian community.



The showbiz journalist will adopt the role of Simran Singh, a 19 year-old girl who becomes embroiled in the cultural complications of family caste and honour, helplessly falling for a boy of a higher caste - in modern-day England - an act which tears the family apart, incurs the wrath of the local community upon them and drives them out of their home and city.

The tale, titled ‘The Fifth Cup’, is narrated by the character of Amrit Singh, played by actor Vrinder Mahey, and is based on widely reported real life events.

Of her role, Reena Combo commented:

"I’ve really enjoyed rehearsing for the role of Simran. She’s quite an emotional yet headstrong person and I feel I’ve projected her character very true to her actual experiences, many of which I could personally relate to.

"Despite the subject matter being of a very serious nature, the performance as a whole has something for everyone from issues relating to younger audiences to light-hearted humour and an element of warmth and familiarity."

Also appearing in the production, directed by Harvinder Sohal, are artists Rajendar Kumar, Mona Kaushal, Dharmandar Singh, Amit Amliwala, Vimal Korpal, Neetu Sanghera, Dave Kukadia and Angela Ayton. The story is written by Rena Dipti Annobil and Reena Bhatoa and produced by Midlands-based Caste Away Arts and sponsored by Arts Council and Awards for All Lottery Funding, and supported by CasteWatchUK.



The Fifth Cup will be on at The Drum Theatre in Birmingham on Thursday 13th December 2007 and is expected to tour nationally in the new year.