Diljit Dosanjh breaks records with El Sueno!

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Diljit Dosanjh is back and this time with something very different! The much awaited track ‘El Sueno’ which means ‘The Dream’ has surprised the audience!

When you hear the name Diljit Dosanjh many think of his hit Bhangra tracks such as ‘Laembadgini’ and ‘5 Taara.’ However on this occasion this is not the case, alongside UK producer Tru Skool, the duo behind the hit album 'Back To Basics' have decided to flip the script.

Not only has ‘El Sueno’ gone viral it has reached the UK mainstream charts, peaking at No.18 in the UK Mainstream iTunes charts, the song has spent a phenemonal 4 days within the Top 40 itself. A Punjabi track to reach this chart and to receive a phenomenal response is just unimaginable.

This may have come across as a shock for many as they may have not even been expecting such an outcome! However imagine Diljit has his thoughts... would he have expected such a result?

This just shows there is potential for Punjabi music to reach high however how this is done it all down to individuals from people involved in making the song to people buying the songs legally!

This has resulted in many questions such as has expectations for other artists in the industry risen? Is there more pressure for Diljit and the expectation from his fans for his future work?

The composition of the music by UK music producers Tru-skool has been composed extremely well! The combination of Spanish and Punjabi within the song and the use of instruments played to give it that Spanish touch has made the song sound exceptionally unique!

A special mention must also go to the Bhangra fans in the UK who got behind the song and supported it in such a positive way.

One thing you will definitely not see in this video like you have in other Diljit video’s is that there is no bhangra and no typical Punjabi bhangra beat!

Take a look at the official video to ‘El Sueno.’

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Cindy Kaur
0 #2 Diljit Dosanjh breaks records with El Sueno!Cindy Kaur 2017-11-01 06:33
On repeat has to be one of the tracks for 2017~
0 #1 Diljit Dosanjh breaks records with El Sueno!Sona 2017-10-28 09:53
Good song video is strange :/ good production

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