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Ikonz Magazine Backs Jordan’s Complaint Against Heat

National showbiz magazine Ikonz has backed a complaint being made by glamour model Jordan to the Press Complains Commission, following the unfavourable depiction of her young disabled son Harvey, in the current issue of Heat magazine.



Heat magazine has been under fire for producing a sticker of the five year old, with the phrase "Harvey wants to eat me!" which resulted in a series of complaints to the press watchdog.

Ikonz magazine has also registered a formal complaint with the PCC in favour of Katie Price and its editor, Reena Combo, has written a formal letter of support to the Katie and her husband Peter Andre.

Jordan’s son Harvey Price suffers from septo-optic dysplasia, a rare condition which means he is visually impaired and suffers from hormonal deficiencies. The portrayal of the child has also been attacked by disability rights groups.

"I think as journalists and editors working very closely with popular celebrity personalities, we all have a responsibility to cater for our readers without compromising the personal privacy of the individuals whose lives are of intrigue to the wider public," said Ms Combo.

"Reporting on celebrity culture and news within acceptable journalistic limits is fine but targeting minors, especially those with disabilities, is clearly crossing the line. We have made a formal complaint echoing the concerns of Katie Price and I am also sending her and Peter a personal letter expressing my support in this matter."

The PCC has heard from the agent representing Katie Price - popularly known as Jordan - that she intended to complain. The watchdog had already had over 30 complaints from members of the public, but it has no power to act on third party complaints. A complaint, though, from a custodial parent means that it is bound to investigate.



(Ikonz is a national showbiz monthly, which sits on stands alongside Heat, Closer, Star etc)