Jenny Johal Our Next Artist from Female Punjabi Music industry

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We continue the journey through the Female Punjabi Music industry with India born artist, Jenny Johal.

The young superstar Jenny Johal is currently one of the top female Bhangra artists in the Punjabi music industry. She had a passion for music from a very young age of 3. At this stage she found a teacher, who she still currently goes to, to learn music in greater depth and take professional lessons. These lessons built her confidence and she decided to take music up as a career.

In 2015, she entered the industry with her debut track 'Yaari Jatti Di' with lyricist Bunty Bains and music producer Desi Crew. She continuously works very closely with both Bunty Bains and Desi Crew showing this collaboration has proved to be extremely successful.

Shortly after she surprised her fans with her super hit track entitled 'Narma' which is still a very popular track and played worldwide today!

You will see from Jenny's releases such as 'Chandigarh Rehn Waliye,' 'Rakaan' and 'Deck Swaraj Te' which have also received a great response, that she is a versatile singer and brings a lot of energy in her videos.

At the PTC Punjabi Music Awards 2016 she received the award for the 'Best New Female Artist.'

Jenny told us in the Punjabi music industry her inspiration is Diljit Dosanjh as he showcases different style and there is a lot of variety in his music. He also brings a lot of energy in his performances. In Hollywood her inspiration is Shakira because of her style.

She gave us some tips and advice for the people that would like to enter the industry. She said everyone is sensible and as individuals they would know when they are fully prepared to step in this industry. She believes everyone should always follow their dreams as there is nothing impossible in this world... you just have to work towards it and face the challenges.

You can watch the music video for Jenny Johal's Rakaan below!

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