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Every month will be looking back at the songs released in the past month and giving you some of our top songs of the month. Here are some of our top songs of May 2017!

Punjabi Mutiyaran - Jasmine Sandlas

At the beginning of this month Jasmine released 'Punjabi Mutiyaran' which received an overwhelming response. We have not seen Jasmine in this character as she dresses in a Punjabi attire to represent Punjabi girls. She sings about how one will not be able to find anyone like Punjabi girls. The video has a modern but traditional look.

'Bhaavein saari duniya ch jaake vekh lo
Husn mukabala kara ke vekh lo'

Makhna - Gurdas Maan

Makhna is the second song from Gurdas Maan's album entitled 'Punjab.' Gurdas Maan is known for his mesmerising vocals and amazing lyrics to his songs. 'Makhna' is a romantic dancefloor track which shows how the husband expresses his love towards his wife and tells her he will take care of her. 

'Makhna mere makhna
Ho makhna mere makhna
O chhat par aaja goriye
O chhat par aaja goriye
Tenu chaudhvin de chand wangu takkna'

Rohab Sardar Da - Jassimran Singh Keer

Jassimran has released another dancefloor track entitled 'Rohab Sardar Da' where he sings about how a girl has fallen has fallen in love with a guy however he tells her how it is not easy to be in a relationship with a Punjabi boy as he also has his criteria's.

'Gabru di look utte senti ho gayi
Ho kudi chakkdi aa time sardar da'

Hawa Vich - Diljit Dosanjh & Sunidhi Chauhan

After the success of the film Sardaar Ji 2, Diljit Dosanjh and Sonam Bajwa have once again teamed up for the Punjabi film 'Super Singh' which will be releasing on 16th June 2017. The romantic song 'Hawa Vich' is the first song released from the film and is one of the top songs of the month. The grace and simplicity in the lyrics and video both make it enjoyable to listen and watch.

'Hawa vich udd di firan main haaniyan
Mainu pyaar udounda tera'

Kalliyan Kulliyan - Diljit Dosanjh

The second song from the film 'Super Singh' entitled 'Kalliyan Kulliyan' also made it as a top song of the month. As you will be able to see from the video it is a great punjabi wedding song which the entire family can enjoy.

'Sab kalliyan kulliyan ho gayi aan
Sadde vyah di kude tyari aa'

Family - Kamal Khaira

The lyrics to 'Family' have been extremely well written by Mandeep Mavi. In modern society a girl and boy usually tries to get to know each other before telling their parents whether they accept the relationship. However in this song this is not the case.... the girl informs the boy to inform his family to tell her parents and for the relationship to be accepted through a traditional Indian manner (arranged marriage).

'Ho mainu family pyari aa pyar ton
Ve taiyon ishqe ch rakhdi na pair ve'

Kaniyan - Kaur B

Kaur B is currently one of the top female bhangra artists who is growing day by day. Her songs have always been loved and the romantic song entitled 'Kaniyan' is another one to be added to the list. The video is set in a Indian wedding atmosphere where Kaur B is expressing her feelings to the one she loves.

'Mera tere naal hove je viah
Main devaan kaniyan de kaalje macha'

Hostel - Sharry Mann

Sharry Mann has once again not disappointed his fans! The teaser to 'Hostel' received an overwhelming response and everyone was eagerly waiting for the release date! And as soon as the wait was over, within hours of it releasing it started playing worldwide and became viral! A song which will definitely hit the dance-floor. 

Parmish Verma has directed the video in a hostel setting. He demonstrated how boys start to remember the time when they stayed in a hostel and enjoyed themselves which is then all a memory once they move further in life. 

'Mainu ik din deh layi hostel wala kamra de deyo ji
Main ral yaaran naal othe daru peeni ae'

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