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Best of Bawa is a mix of DJ DAL's favourite Ranjit Bawa tracks - listen to them Here!

Track list is below:



Yaari Chandgragh

Chandigargh Returns

Sher Marna

DJ Dal has included hit bangers from the likes of Diljt Dosanjh, Ranjit Bawa, Resham Anmol, Sharry Mann, and many more including hits throughout the year playing at weddings, parties and so on!

He is formally known as the member of the leading DJ entertainment company Kudos Music performing at events back to back non-stop! His passion and drive for music is accreditable! From doing gigs, to live Facebook session’s and releasing mix’s to fans on a regular basis is only something an enthusiastic and dedicated individual can do.

Twitter - @djdal

Facebook - @djdalmusic

Instagram - @djdal

Soundcloud - @dj_dal Disclaimer


0 #2 Listen to Best of Bawa - DJ DAL RemixRaju 2017-07-05 14:53
Good to hear these quick mixes thanks
0 #1 Listen to Best of Bawa - DJ DAL RemixJohnnie 2017-05-26 02:43
Your mixes is awesome, keep it up!

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