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Every month will be looking back at the songs released in the past month and giving you some of our top songs of the month.  Here are some of our top songs of March 2017!


Akh Jatti Di - Shipra Goyal

The young singer Shipra Goyal has not only worked in the scenes of Bollywood. She has collaborated with many bhangra artists such as Kulwinder Billa for 'Angreji Wali Madam' and Ravinder Grewal for 'Lovely vs PU' which were super hit tracks!

Akh Jatti Di is also one to be added to the list. The track does not have a typical bhangra beat. However when you hear the song you will catch that bhangra vibe which everyone can dance along to also the lyrics are catchy and powerful:

'Akh hai jatti di rond wargi
Ik labhdi rifle jeha yaar'

Bullet 2 - Kay V Singh

'Futureproof' is an incredible sounding album from a talented bhangra artist Kay V Singh. He has worked with many well known international artists in the album such as DJ Ice, Epic Bhangra, Mani Singh, Solace Nerwal, Violinder and many more!

'Dil Khol Ke' and 'Jugni' are some of the songs from the album which are sung with such passion making it mesmerising for the listener. There is something for everyone to listen to as the album includes songs of different genres from dancefloor to romantic tracks.

In 2014, Kay released the song entitled 'Bullet' featuring Epic Bhangra and Mickey Singh which had a catchy strong dhol beat and received a great response from his fans. He has not let his fans down with the release of 'Bullet 2' from the album. The song currently does not have a video however the lyrics are well written that you can image the scenes:

'Oh ik gera gali vich laun ki mein dita
Kuri chori chori bullet challun lag pyi'

Dubai Wale Shaikh - Gippy Grewal and Nimrat Khaira

The song 'Dubai Wale Shaikh' is from the Punjabi film 'Manje Bistre' sung with the powerful vocals of Nimrat Khaira and Gippy Grewal who also plays a lead role alongside the beautiful Sonam Bajwa. The film will be releasing worldwide on 14th April 2017.

The song has a old style desi punjabi beat where the video is set in a buzzing 'pind' environment. The cleanliness and simplicity in the choreography makes the video effective as the scenes look more realistic.

'Mere roop de aan mundeyan ch charche
Jivein hunde aa Dubai wale shaikh de'

Mundri - G Sidhu

'Mundri' is the first single from the album 'Pehli Tape' by G Sidhu who also wrote the lyrics. The lyrics are well thought out which tells a romantic story from engagement to the wedding through a very simple but effective video.

'Hassdi ne
Hassdi ne
Hassdi ne hath ch puya li mundri
Roj ungli te viah di main tareeka gin di'

Naag The Third - Jazzy B

With the release of his latest album 'Folk N Funky 2' the track 'Naag the Third' has been one of the top song of the month. Jazzy B has bought back memories with his famous old skool 90's beats. From the album 'Oh Kehri' which he released in 2001, the beats from the song 'Naag' has been used in 'Naag the Third.' 

'Band kar lai pitariyan de vich ni
Eh zulfan de naag saanu dang den ge'
In February he released 'Londono Patola Reloaded' which received an overwhelming response as he used his old classic beats!

Phone - Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma releases his debut single entitled 'Phone' with music record label Collab Creations and the music has been produced by Sirra Beats. The video and vocals are something new, fresh and different.

Arun wanted the song to be aimed at the current young generation which told a love story where two people get to know more about each other over the phone and possibly turn their friendship one step forward:

'Gallan sari sari raat billo raniye
Ni phone utte kardi hundi c'

Rakaan - Jenny Johal

Jenny is currently one of the top female artists in the bhangra industry. She is continuously showing variety in her songs through her powerful voice and the tremendously energetic videos. Her voice in the song 'Rakaan,' different appearances within the video and the variety of dance techniques showcased makes this song unique.

'Je rahi nachdi patola banke
Fer kahogay rakkan mela legi lutt ke'

Roon Wargi - Kulwinder Billa

Kulwinder is constantly releasing singles however he has never let his fans down. This dancefloor track 'Roon Wargi' made it as a top song of the month. The video is very different to his previous tracks entitled 'Timetable', 'Timetable 2' and 'Antenna' where he portrayed himself as a young character. 

The character in 'Roon Wargi' is something we have not seen him portray in the past. So definitely a video to watch!

'Sorry keh gi roon wargi
Jatt di saare peeti le gayi'

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