Bambi shocks Music World with Breaking News!

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Female singing sensation Bambi Bains, best known for her collaborations with hit music producer PBN, has shocked the music world by joining a brand new girl-band, which is set to take on the mainstream music world by storm.

The group entitled ‘The Miss Treats’ features vocalists Lavelle, Jeanette, Moesha and Birmingham’s very own Desi queen...Bambi Bains.

There is no further information on a debut release from the girl band, or the reason as to why Bambi is no longer making Bhangra music - but this certainly looks like an exciting venture for such a talented young female.

SimplyBhangra would like to extend our well wishes to Bambi on her new music venture.

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0 #2 Bambi shocks Music World with Breaking News!Launa 2017-03-24 12:54
Wow cant wait to hear this one, well done xx
0 #1 RE: Bambi shocks Music World with Breaking News!chinajatt 2017-03-21 17:23
need to see her cover of whitney houston on youtube then you will see her talent for a indian girl she got skilss

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