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Every month will be looking back at the songs released in the past month and giving you some of our top songs of the month.  Here are some of our top songs of February 2017!

Punjab - Gurdas Mann

The legendary Punjabi singer Gurdas Mann has surprised or should I say shocked the audience by telling the world a true deep meaningful story of the current situation in Punjab (India) in his track entitled 'Punjab.' He talks about how addictions, drugs, violence, alcohol, pesticides, respect and much more has changed the world!

‘Rangla Punjab Mera Kala Hogaya’, one of the most memorable lines from the track speaking about how Punjab has become dark with all of the problems they are facing but it isn’t just India that is facing these issues, it’s a problem all around the world.

The music for this track was produced by Jatinder Shah.

Munda Bhal Di - Sharry Mann

Sharry Mann sings about the matrimonial website and talks about how people fake their identity and which people start to believe it as a true identity. He tell this through the song 'Munda Bhal Di' which has great lyrics and a great video. 'Ni Tu Shaadi dot com Utte Munda Bhaldi' is the chorus which translates to you look for a man on

The track featured music composed by Mista Baaz with lyrics from Ravi Raj.

Jhumke - Jassie Gill, Babbal Rai and Nimrat Khaira

Jhumke is a catchy dancefloor anthem from the film Sargi sang by Jassie Gill, Babbal Rai and Nimrat Khaira. The wedding atmosphere in the video make you want to dance. The film Sargi features Jassie Gill, Babbal Rai, and Rubina Bajwa and is directed by Neeru Bajwa.

“Tere Lak Taun Tilakda Lehnga, Ni Giddha Vich Tu Nachdi' is the chorus of this track. Lyrics for the track were written by Veet Baljit with music from Jassi Katyal.

Londono Patola Reloaded - Jazzy B

Nowadays artists are moving away from the old beats, however the 'Prince of Bhangra' Jazzy B has reworked on his old track 'Londono Patola' and brought back his old beats with his new song 'Londono Potola Reloaded.' This was a much awaited track and he has definitely not let his fans down, the old tunes are not what we get to hear often these days which has made this song unique and loved by many people and stand out.

Everyone loved the old school sound that Shinda and Jazzy created in the 90s and this was a huge track that got everyone excited for once again. 'Aaya Londono Patola Ohnu Chori Chori Takke’, the music was composed by the Music Man Sukshinder Shinda and featured lyrics from Gurminder Maddoke.

Teri Kamli - Goldy (Desi Crew)

The video has a olden touch which can be see through the looks, clothing, video and the way the romantic story is expressed. Goldy said the reason for the success is 'There's a constantly applicable nature to soul music, whereas sometimes pop music can be a periodical.'

'Tenu Dil Da Haal Sunauna Teri Kamli Ne', the track featured music from the one and only Desi Crew who is involved in many songs these days with lyrics written by Narinder Batth.

Apne Bna Lai - Mehtab Virk

The songs romantic lyrics are written by Gurpreet Gill which has been showcased in a way which has made the video look so beautiful and graceful. It shows the journey where the girl is waiting for the boy to accept her even though they know they love each other.

'Apni Bana Lai Laa Na Laare Chann Ve, Hun Apni Bana Lai', the music is composed by Desi Routz”.

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Good list has some good tracks but do widen your choices and add a variety more x

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