Gurdas Maan's Apna Punjab Hove first of the installment of throwback Tracks

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As we have named this month Gurdas Maan Month here at we bring you the first of the installment of throwback tracks from Maan saab.

Gurdas Maan's Apna Punjab Hove track is this weeks song of the day. This is a classic track with the main chorus "Apna Punjab Hove, Ghar Di Sharaab Hove. Apna Punjab, Apna Punjab". Gurdas Maan is an icon in the Punjabi music industry and is an idol to most if not all singers in the industry today.

The music for Apna Punjab Hove was composed by Amar Haldipur and even today it's a tune that people go crazy over as soon as they hear it. The new Punjab track just released by him is basically a continuation of the song and shows how much India and Punjab have really changed over the years.

Dubbed as the “King of Punjabi Pop” however, started humbly in the tiny village of Gidderbaha in Punjab, and studied physical education before making a career out of music.

Often credited for taking Punjabi folk to the global stage, he was one of the first singers who blended traditional Sufi tunes with popular music, making it a huge rage with the youth today.

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+1 #1 Gurdas Maan's Apna Punjab Hove first of the installment of throwback TracksJunko 2017-02-12 14:24
This track never gets old! So many remixes of this song

Look at something out of context dig deep guys there are so many jewels of songs

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